No28. German_Soya

March 29th, 2017 You start by wanting to introduce a name with a playful twist of two seemingly unrelated words…. and end up finding out that “a Hitler Youth manual from the 1930s promoted soy beans, which it called “Nazi beans” as an alternative to meat” (!) [if in doubt, blame Wikipedia and their source: … More No28. German_Soya

No27. Orchiduary

March 25th, 2017 O-rchi-du-a-ry [noun]: * a) The name given to the month of the year when Cypriot Orchids typically blossom. eg. January, February, Orchiduary… etc. b) The name given to the obituary of an Orchid following the completion of its blossoming period, eg. “Oh, the Daisies read a very touching orchiduary at the Orchids’ … More No27. Orchiduary

No24. LaLe Land

March 19th, 2017 I can’t stress enough how beautiful Cyprus becomes in the spring! Knowing how the island heats and dries up in the summer, makes the experience of the colors, scents and sights of the spring season even more precious. Among the flowers that bloom in March are the Anemone Coronaria and the Tulipa … More No24. LaLe Land

No23. Three in a row

March 17, 2017 Little did the Lusignan Kings imagine, when they were expanding and reinforcing the 3 Byzantine fortifications on the Pentadaktylos/Besparmak mountain range in the 13th century, that these sites would become one of the island’s most magical places to visit a few centuries later. Regardless that the Venetians neglected or destroyed much of … More No23. Three in a row

No12. FAQ: Does it snow in Cyprus?

February 23rd, 2017 Yes, it does! With its height of 1952 meters, the Troodos (pronounced Tró-o-dos) mountain range receives the majority of snow flakes falling on the island between December and March*, with the Pentadaktylos/Besparmak range (of 1024 meters height) receiving a sprinkle (that melts usually within 2 days) if the conditions are right. Chionístra … More No12. FAQ: Does it snow in Cyprus?