No30. Citrus paradise

Flat, long, crooked, french-style, thin, fleshy, pointed, aquiline, celestial, hawkish, broad, bulbous or snub…..regardless of its size and appearance, you should thank your nose for offering you the possibility to indulge in incredible scents in your surroundings, without having to spend a single cent. At least, if you live in a place like Cyprus. With … More No30. Citrus paradise

No9. Bananas baby!

Cyprus grows its own bananas!!? Yes sir, we do!! The story goes – somewhat – like this: When Nature was deciding where to allow the growth of bananas in Cyprus, she opened a map of the island, closed her eyes, and placed her finger on …. the Kissonerga and Peyia villages in Paphos District! That … More No9. Bananas baby!

No8. Papouts….what?!

Pa – pou – tsó – si – ka! “Shoe figs”, man, what don’t you get?! 😀 I don’t know about you, but I find it very funny that in Cypriot Greek we call the prickly-pear, Opuntia ficus-Indica cactus plant (of Central-American origins) “papoutsosikiá” (παπουτσοσυκιά). Turkish Cypriots call it the báboutsa plant. The word for … More No8. Papouts….what?!