No18. Journey to The End

March 7th, 2017

The village of Kormakítis (Korucam) is located on the way to the north-western tip of Cyprus, a cape of the same name. Kormakitis is one of the 4 villages inhabited by (Christian) Maronite Cypriots, whose (8th century AD) origins are from Syria and Lebanon.

What impressed me the most when I first visited Cape Kormakitis was the image of two “seas” merging together. Due to the presence of a small, rocky island about 50 meters from the coastal tip, the invisible triangle that forms creates this pretty illusion. Right on the tip is a metal tower with a staircase – not suitable for the non-daring and those with a fear of heights.

To reach the Cape, you will have to take a dirt road for the last couple of kilometers. It is not unusual to cross paths with a herd of sheep and goats.


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